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Specializing In Nationwide Floorplans, Regional Prime & Sub Prime Lender Programs, F&I Products, and Other Dealer Related Services!

Preferred Funding LLC is committed to building long term relationships with Dealers.  This business is challenging, intense, demanding, and as such requires key components to operate smoothly and efficiently, if optimum results are to be achieved.


Preferred Funding LLC offers the following Products and Services:

     ·  Bad Credit / Good Credit Financing via Regional Lender Programs

     ·  Nationwide Leasing programs for New and Used Vehicles

     ·  AUL Vehicle Service Contracts from 3 months to 5 years

     ·  FREE Dealer Floor Planning Available

     ·  Reliable 5 Year / 100k Vehicle Service Contracts

     ·  125% and 150% Gap Waiver Protection

     ·  GPS Tracking and Starter Interrupt Devices


By partnering with national providers, our group of auto dealers will raise the bar for a new industry standard in sub-prime lending. Obtaining auto financing with less than perfect credit has never been easier for your customers.



                                                                                Need Help?  Email Dealer Services today at Info@PFL2.com