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Preferred Funding LLC offers personalized representation for all your consumer prime to sub-prime financing needs.


Prime / Mid-Prime / Sub-Prime - options available!

With economic times as they are, Preferred Funding understands that today's Automotive Dealers must have adequate financing solutions for their customers in order to grow their business.  Customer Service and a specific network of Lenders is what makes Preferred Funding one of the best in the Industry.

Our network of Lenders have been in business for over 30 years.  They have the experience to recognize a good loan/lease when the see it along with the money to fund the transaction.  These companies, many with millions in funds waiting to be loaned out, have been helping dealers like yourself to grow for generations.

Preferred Funding is here to assist you with all the necessary requirements for getting your dealership signed up and approved with our lenders.

After you're approved and submitting apps to the lenders, we'll help to assist you in getting your deals funded.

Need Lenders?  Want service?  Our Lenders average a 98% approval ratio!


                         ** Click here to view Lender Guidelines **


No Recourse Lender Highlights:

  • Financing for Everyone, Regardless of Credit!
  • Prior Repos, Prior Bankruptcies, Open Foreclosures - Not a Problem
  • No Fico Score requirements, No Credit Check!
  • $1000 minimum income, $1000 down payment
  • Dealer Advance based on 85% NADA Clean Retail Value + Down Payment
  • Will finance Warranty and Gap for additional profits
  • 2002 and newer vehicles under 170k miles
  • FREE Sign up.   NO Monthly fees.   NO Recourse!


                               ** Click here to view Lender Guidelines **


Disclosure:  Preferred Funding LLC is NOT authorized to 1) Extend credit to any Dealer or Consumer on behalf of any Lender; 2) Alter, waive, or modify any terms, conditions, or limitations of any program or loan offered by any Lender to any Dealer or Consumer; 3) Assign, service, or collect on any loan or retail installment contract approved by any Lender to any Dealer or Consumer.  All Lender decisions are between the Lender and the submitting Dealer.