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Preferred Funding's focus is on delivering the ultimate in products and services for both new and used car dealers.

We have aligned ourselves with top rated companies who are committed to exceptional customer service and support!



120 Day Extendable Term / Up to 360 Day Float

     ·  10% Curtailment Due at 60 days
     ·  10% Curtailment Due at 90 days
     ·  Payoff or re-floor at 120 days

100% Advance

     ·  100% Auction advance
     ·  100% of NADA Loan Value on non-auction purchases

Floorplan Checkbook Program

     ·  Get a checkbook to purchase inventory wherever / whenever you need it

Accepted at 500 Auctions Nationally

     ·  Includes Open Lane, OVE, iBid, and Smart Auction

No Interest or Fees until payoff

     ·  No fees charged until time of payoff
     ·  No interest charged until time of payoff
     ·  Ask about our “FREE” floorplan option

Convenient On-line Transaction Processing

     ·  Check your floorplan availability on-line
     ·  Payoff vehicles on-line
     ·  Make curtailment payments on-line

Optional Physical Damage Wavier

     ·  Charged (if needed) at time of payoff



Looking to Improve Cash Flow?  Want to Buy or Trade more cars?

Lines Available from $25k to $500k.  Minimal requirements to qualify.


Fill out the application below and fax to 302-450-7140

Floorplan Signup Application